A “stepped” approach can help to ease access to mental health care on campus

Posted on May 19th, 2017

A Q&A with Peter Cornish of Memorial University on the Stepped Care model, which he hopes will get everyone on campus to be part of the support system for those dealing with mental health issues.

In 2014, Peter Cornish helped the Student Wellness and Counselling Centre at Memorial University launch the Stepped Care program. With this model, the level of intensity of care is matched to the complexity of the condition. When someone says they are stressed, or they are not feeling happy, then society tends to say, “Okay, go see a psychologist,” said Dr. Cornish, who is director of the counselling centre. However, not everyone needs to see a therapist all of the time. The Stepped Care model brings in many other “low intensity” options for the patient that are readily available in the community, but which we’re often not making use of. University Affairs sat down with Dr. Cornish to find out more about the Stepped Care model and why universities should consider it.

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