Who we are

The Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses Student Network is a new provincial network of post-secondary students who collectively work toward changing the campus culture around mental health. It is intended to be an emerging organization that is inclusive to ALL students and recent alumni who are interested in participating.

What we do

Our areas of action include:

  • Facilitation of cross-province student/recent alumni knowledge exchange (e.g., ideas, initiatives, research, resources, tools, etc.)
  • Collaboration on joint projects, events, research etc.
  • Providing a ‘student voice,’ input and feedback on HM|HC related projects, resources, events, etc.
  • Advocacy on provincial-level issues

Vision, mission, and values


Mentally healthy students at every post-secondary institution in BC


As a cross-institutional and province-wide student leadership body, the HM|HC Student Network empowers and supports post-secondary students across B.C. to cultivate system change related to campus mental health issues by facilitating the creation and exchange of knowledge across campuses as well as supporting student-led initiatives throughout the province. 

We will carry out this mission by:

  • Strengthening the connection between students and their respective institution
  • Engaging students in knowledge exchange, education, and collaboration
  • Engaging with research to inform initiatives
  • Facilitating equitable access to campus mental health supports and services in BC


We are individuals who:

We are part of the Student Leader Network to:

  • Make an impact
  • Maintain credibility
  • Empower ourselves and others
  • Honour the student voice

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Origin story

After the Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses (HM|HC) 2012 Summit, students who wanted to stay connected developed the Student Leaders and Recent Alumni (SLRA) group. This group was created to facilitate cross-province student/recent alumni knowledge exchange, advocate on provincial-level issues, collaborate on joint projects, and provide a student voice for HM|HC projects.

Over the next year, the SLRA group became part of the Summit Design Team and worked closely with Shaylyn Matichiine, past HM|HC Provincial Coordinator, to provide input and contribute to planning the student-focused portion of the fifth Annual HM|HC Summit.

The success of including and planning a student-focused portion of the event led to increased interest in planning a province-wide student event. Throughout 2014, SLRA became part of the Summit Design Team and contributed to organizing an event in January 2015 that was named for what it was: a “Provincial Student Event – Mapping a Healthy Post-Secondary Culture”.

This event brought together students from 12 institutions across BC for a one-day participant-driven, strategic planning event. Afterward, a few students gathered in a small cafe to collate and analyze data that included a provincial scan of mental health initiatives on the dozen campuses and key priority areas identified by students.

Based on feedback from students, more action-driven work needed to be done to get things started. In January 2016, the Student Engagement Committee was formed to act as an interim group that would help support the finalization of the strategic plan for the SLRA. Upon completion of the Strategic Plan, the goal of the Committee was to transition to the leadership structure identified and start mobilizing provincial activities prioritized through the consultation process.

Throughout 2016, a small group of diverse students from several post-secondary institutions met monthly (or more!) to brainstorm and develop a strategic plan. As a result of many meetings at various Vancouver coffee shops and buildings, a plethora of post-it notes, visioning activities, and lots of e-mails and virtual connections, the HM|HC Student Network was born!

Since then the team has been building upon the provincial scan initially conducted in 2014 and expanding the Network’s membership.

If you are interested in learning more or getting involved, please register for the online community and join the “Student Leaders and Recent Alumni” group. In the online group, you will have access to a webinar on advocacy strategies for student leaders, which explains how to navigate the governance structures of post-secondary institutions and move ideas into action. 



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