Addicted to your smartphone? How to start kicking the habit

Posted on January 17th, 2018

From the intoxicating rush of a new notification, to the panic and helplessness of a dead battery, the emotions associated with cellphone use are very real.

According to University of British Columbia neuroethics professor Peter Reiner, the feelings our phones give us are a product of our growing reliance on — and addiction to — the technology.

“Many people do profess great anxiety when they’re away from their phone,” Reiner told CBC.

In fact, studies suggest that excessive cell phone use has significant mental health consequences, including mood changes, insomnia, and even depression. 

So how can you free yourself of the adverse health effects of your buzzing smartphone? According to Reiner, a few simple lifestyle changes can work wonders for your mental health — but users will ultimately need to put pressure on big app developers to design less addictive technology.

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