Brock highlights mental health supports on campus

Posted on April 7th, 2017

Mental health and wellness are imperative to academic success and Brock has committed to ensuring the supports students need to thrive are readily available, said Sarah Pennisi, Director of Brock’s Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre (SWAC).

The centre is a one-stop destination for students seeking health, wellness and accommodation support.

In a typical day, students go to SWAC to access personal counselling services, academic accommodations and medical services.

“The demand for mental health support has increased exponentially not only here at Brock but also at other post-secondary institutions,” Pennisi said.

That rise signals that people are becoming more aware of available resources, but does not lessen the importance of continuing to advertise supports accessible on campus.

For anyone experiencing a difficult time, Pennisi said the first and most important step is reaching out to someone who can help.

“We recognize we need to be out there and visible so that it’s easier for students,” she said. “We want to ensure people are not struggling to figure out which pathway to support is appropriate. We want them to be able to hook into service in an easy way.”

Once students connect with health services, personal counselling or accessibility services — all available through SWAC — they’ve reached the front door that will direct them to the appropriate supports, she said.

“Any door is the right door for students to come in and be supported through those formal services.”

Pennisi also drew attention to resources available online through, as well as the Integrated Mental Health and Wellness mobile app, known as I.M. Well, launched by the Brock University Students’ Union last fall.

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