Dalhousie University students #HuddleUp for mental health

Posted on January 19th, 2017

Student athletes are just as likely as other university students to experience mental health concerns. Apart from the pressures of performing well academically while excelling in their sport, student-athletes often face false assumptions that they are immune from mental health concerns. They can also face outdated attitudes that athletes should just “work through the pain” which usually just exacerbates the issue.

That’s why SAMHI follows what it calls the “Huddle Philosophy” which puts the responsibility of a student-athlete’s mental health on a groups related to the individual student — other student-athletes (teammates), coaches and support staff, university representatives, governing bodies in the different university sports, and the families and friends of the student-athletes.

“SAMHI promotes and protects the mental health of student-athletes and uses its platform to advocate open dialogue between athletes, their teammates, and their coaches,” says Scarlett Smith, a nursing student and women’s soccer team member. “Being able to start and maintain the conversation around mental health normalizes the idea that athletes suffer from mental illness just like anyone else.”

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