Dennis the campus cat helps relieve stress

Posted on October 3rd, 2017

The adventures of a campus cat have transformed a flea-ridden stray into an online celebrity with his own fan club.

Dennis the cat is so popular among students and staff at the University of Buckingham, he now has an active social media following.

The six-year-old moggie sits in on lectures and is often found in the university’s library and halls, a spokesperson said.

He has even won the heart of the vice chancellor, Sir Anthony Seldon.

Sir Anthony said Dennis was “a force of positivity” with students and a-cat-demics alike, boosting mental health.

“Research has shown that petting cats and dogs can help relieve stress,” he said.

“There are no shortage of students and staff willing to brighten up their day by tickling his tummy or giving him a friendly stroke. I am thinking of making him Professor of Feline Studies.”


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