Fall a great time to talk mental health with students

Posted on August 29th, 2017

Mental health issues are a struggle for many youth, but Jacob O’Halloran is determined to help a little bit at a time.

A Guysborough native and current Dalhousie University student, he leads the chapter of mental health advocacy group Jack.org at his campus.

“The biggest thing is we all deal with mental health,” said O’Halloran during a phone interview with The Chronicle Herald.

“We all struggle from time to time, and everyone needs to know it’s OK to reach out for help.”

Jack.org is a national network that allows youth leaders to identify community-specific needs. There are 2,500 leaders in the program across Canada.

“This is such rewarding work, and we don’t always see the impact of the work we do. But if we’re able to start conversations and allow people to speak from the heart, that can mean everything,” O’Halloran said.

September can be especially difficult, with students adjusting to new schools and changing their lives.

“Thousands of kids are going to university and leaving their support networks. Even those going into high school could see major life changes,” he said.

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