McMaster Mental Health Strategy Launched

Posted on February 26th, 2015

McMaster University has launched a student mental health and well-being strategy.  

“We envision a community that recognizes improving the health of our campus is a shared commitment. We strive to foster a healthy, supportive and inclusive educational environment and one of our primary goals is to create a culture of caring and support: ‘we care for the whole student and we care for one another’. We as a campus recognize that student well-being and good student mental health are critical foundations for student success. We are committed to campus wide mental health literacy and education about wellness and we, as a campus (through our policies, employee relations and the way we support our students) model the importance of wellness, self-care, resilience and social responsibility. Our campus community, including Faculty, staff and students are equipped with information about how to identify, respond and refer a student (or staff) in distress. When our students do reach out for help, they should feel supported and be validated, as the ability to ask for help is a strength, not a weakness. Through the identification of key mental health and student well-being indicators and measures, we can monitor the success/uptake of our programs and initiatives, and further our understanding of the changing needs of our students.”

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