Mount Royal University Becomes Satellite Site for Sexual Abuse Support Agency

Posted on April 5th, 2016

A unique partnership between Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse (CCASA) and Mount Royal University (MRU) is bringing specialized sexual assault counselling and group support to survivors of sexual abuse on campus. The partnership previously collaborated on Stepping up, MRU’s peer-led dating violence prevention program, and 2015’s #IBelieveYou educational campaign. This initiative hopes to break down the stigma associated with sexual violence by making supports more accessible, and increasing the number of reported disclosures. Service will be delivered by a Sexual Violence Response and Awareness Coordinator, who has significant experience in the field. Students can access the service by booking an appointment with the CCASA sexual assault worker, or through Counselling Services at MRU.

“I like the shift we’re seeing,” says the Sexual Violence Response and Awareness Co-ordinator, Cari Lonson . “People are saying that sexual violence needs to be addressed, rather than saying it’s a reputational risk.”

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