New wellness hub provides informal space for campus community to learn and connect

Posted on February 23rd, 2017

Campus Community Hub opens March 7, bringing resources and services to students and the broader campus community

A new space on campus will provide an open and inclusive place for students and the wider campus community to flourish, by enhancing learning, connecting people and helping others.

The Campus Community Hub will be home to an interdisciplinary team, providing a centralized location for information, resources and services, as well as peer wellness guides, who can answer questions about wellness and direct people to the appropriate resources.

The hub will create connections and collaboration between the university and community partners, as outside agencies and groups can use the flexible office space or boardroom for short presentations or other initiatives.

The SU Wellness Centre Health Promotion team will be the primary group working out of the new space, offering training, workshops and wellness events. As well, other student-related resources and services can rotate through the space on a regular schedule.

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