On mental health after graduation

Posted on February 14th, 2017

Panelists discuss “pressure cooker” environment of university

A panel called “Life AYD: Mental Health Post-Graduation Panel” was held in the Shatner Building, as part of the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU)’s Mental Health Awareness Week. This event was hosted by Life After Your Degree (Life AYD) in partnership with SSMU, Campus Life and Engagement (CL&E), Career Planning Service (CaPS), and McGill alumni. The panel aimed to combat the stigma around mental health, and connect undergraduate students with alumni.

Aleks Djurdjevic, CL&E Project Development Specialist (Student Life) and Life AYD co-organizer, told The Daily that the event came about because “we recognized a need to connect students with McGill alumni to hear more about and normalize the mental health issues that can come up during university, and […] the value of hearing other people’s stories and hearing how they got to where they are.”

Mental health issues are important because to some extent, everybody will experience some in their lifetime. Hosting events like this is important because one of the most empowering things that you can do is talk about what’s going on,” Djurdjevic continued.

“At McGill, we’re trying to do more around graduation. We have a pretty strong program around entering orientation, we put a lot into orientation week, frosh events, but we don’t focus as much on when students are actually leaving,” she added.

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