Designing Healthy Campus Communities

Official Launch – August 15, 2013

Through a creative whiteboard style animation, the video makes a pitch to think big when it comes to “designing healthy campus communities.” Campuses are often where students learn, live, work, and play. In three short minutes, this new resource helps to distill the latest thinking and research behind how and why post-secondary education can be designed to enable student health, well being, learning, and success – from students to presidents, norms to policies, and from classrooms to residences. Everyone has a role to play in creating the conditions for students (and staff) to learn and thrive. There is no doubt that post-secondary institutions are complex, but the video reminds viewers that like the butterfly effect, small actions can have big effects. 

Using the Video Within Your Campus Community

We encourage you to use the video to engage people within your campus community. To give you some ideas, others have reported using the video to engage stakeholders by sharing it through email, posting it on their website, incorporating it into meetings and presentations, and playing it as an introduction at events organized to assess, explore and plan towards a healthy campus community.

If you click on “vimeo” in the right hand corner of the video, you will be taken to the vimeo site with options to share (through facebook, twitter, email, etc) and download the video. Under the share option, you will also find a code that can be used to embed the video on your website.  


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