Reconciliation Begins by Closing the Graduation Gap

Posted on August 31st, 2015

“As millions of Canadian young people gear up for a return to classrooms this fall, the ‘back to school’ rallying cry is ubiquitous – in advertising, in media headlines and in household discussions across the country. Which professors, which courses, which degree, what to wear, where to be?

But for many people in Canada, especially those who work in education, other questions have begun to cut through the noise. Who is not back to school? Who and what is missing on our campuses?

These questions push to the fore this fall because of the groundbreaking work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) chaired by Justice Murray Sinclair, and informed by the testimony of over 6,000 witnesses whose bravery has succeeded in shaping a new, more honest narrative about Canada’s entire educational system. The TRC report contains staggering, brutal and vitally important revelations.

‘Back to school’ just doesn’t ring the same way now, nor should it.

Canadians have been called upon to act to contribute to a process of reconciliation with aboriginal peoples in Canada.”

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