Change Dialogue #1 at SUMMIT 2017: Representatives from K-12 and post-secondary examined the strengths and opportunities of each sector and how they might be harnessed collectively. When it comes to what it will take to shift from separate spheres to a united front, this multi-stakeholder panel noted there is much to learn and gain from one another. The Q&A that followed also highlighted the power of embodying a whole school/campus approach that is complemented by a whole community and whole government approach.

Representing K–12:

  • Kathy Cassels, CEO, Directorate of Agencies for School Health (DASH) BC
  • Clint Johnston, 2nd Vice President, BC Teachers’ Federation
  • Scott Stinson, Assistant Superintendent, School District #63 (Saanich)

Representing post-secondary:

  • Jennifer Figner, Chair of Education Council, British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)
  • Emily Jenkins, Assistant Professor, UBC School of Nursing
  • Sarah Joosse, Wellbeing Promotion Strategist, UBC

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