A graphic recording from keynote address by Dr. Richard Keeling at Summit 2012 called Higher Learning on Healthy Campuses: A Radical Redesign of Post-secondary Education. Critical questions of institutional mission, organizational structure and policy, and the nature and formation of programs and services designed to provide personal and academic support to students link our essential discussions of healthy campus living and learning environments, the dynamics and quality of student learning, the well-being of campus communities, and students’ readiness to learn. The learner matters in the learning; it is no longer intellectually or practically feasible to conceive of learning as a segregated intellectual activity that engages the mind, but not the brain, the emotions, and the body. Achieving the promise of developmental and transformative higher learning for all students will require far more than simply screening students and providing responsive psychological services; to help all students be ready and able to learn, and to fulfill the promise of post-secondary education, we must imagine far-reaching changes in institutional cultures, organizational arrangements, and educational policies and practices. A radical re-design of higher learning and the institutions that offer it is needed to achieve the goal of healthy minds on healthy campuses.

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