At our HM|HC Summit 2016, a graphic recorder captured the four Deep Dive Working Sessions that were happening concurrently. Volunteers in each Deep Dive Session took summary notes in real-time, which were shared in a live document with the graphic recorder. Participants were invited to attend one of four interactive hands-on sessions co-developed by campus stakeholders around emerging practice/policy areas. The sessions were designed to leverage experience and skills from across Summit participants to enhance collective capacity for advancing efforts to develop mentally healthy campus communities. The Deep Dive Sessions on the first day were:

  • Alcohol: Coming out from behind closed doors
  • Bridging Stories- Building Understanding¬†
  • Developing Holistic Approaches: Exploring sexual violence at the intersections of mental health and well-being
  • “Rollin’ in the Deep”: Navigating the waters of implementing post-secondary mental health strategies

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