Is There a Toolkit For That?

Posted on January 17th, 2015

A graphic recording from the keynote address by Dr. Jennifer White at Summit 2012 – Promoting Campus Wellness in the Midst of Plurality, Complexity and Contested Knowledge: Is There a Toolkit for That? Over the past several years, we have witnessed a veritable explosion of “strategies” and “toolkits” within the health
and social service sector. These resources have been developed to address suicide prevention, substance use, healthy eating, cultural safety, youth engagement, workplace health, mental health promotion, and community development. It seems like whatever health or social issue we might want to tackle—there’s a toolkit for that! In this presentation, Dr. Jennifer White, situated the everyday practices of campus professionals and educational leaders within a context of competing interests, contested knowledges, and ongoing complexity. Against this backdrop, she considered some of the ways that planning models and toolkits can provide a practical roadmap for conceptualizing and responding to numerous health problems or social issues on campus. At the same time, she explored some of the unspoken assumptions embedded within contemporary mental health and health promotion discourses— and examined their potential effects.

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