This graphic recording was created at Summit 2016 during Donald Harward’s presentation on “Well-being and Higher Education: A Strategy for Change and the Realization of Education’s Greater Purposes.”  Below is a description of Donald’s keynote presentation:

“An analysis of well-being and its connection to learning  that rests not on a particular developmental theory of personal growth, but on a shared and substantial epistemic basis, makes possible buy-in from all aspects of the institution’s constituencies, as well as from the community…and provides a platform for responding to the landscape of challenges now facing higher education.

Bringing focused attention to the necessary connection of well-being to the greater purposes of higher education at institutions of all types, begins to affect conversations around the Board table, the faculty and student seminar table, the media’s editorial table, and of equal importance –the family kitchen table. Altering the conversations alters constituent expectations, and by so doing induces institutional change—changes essential to higher education making its full and unique contribution to knowledge and discovery, to social justice, and to society’s economic and cultural integrity.”

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