Ryerson University’s orientation focuses on making mental health accessible

Posted on September 6th, 2017

Ryerson University is making strides to transform what can be the most nerve-wracking time of year for many teens — back to school — by offering “accessible” orientation that emphasizes mental health.  

“We heard from students that they really want to be able to have that calming environment throughout the overwhelming feeling they get when they come out to orientation week,” said Akeisha Lari, coordinator of the student life program at Ryerson. 

The two-week program kicked off Sunday as more than 700 first-year students moved into residences at the downtown campus. 

“Orientation is that first point of contact and we get to introduce them to the Ryerson community,” Lari said.

But this year is different.

Lari says orientation focuses on making mental health and wellness resources more accessible to new students. 

“It’s really important for students to get to feel like they actually belong here because what we’ve found is that if students feel like they belong on campus they are more likely to stay on campus and finish their degrees here,” Lari added. 

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