Sexual Assault Policy Mandatory on BC Campuses

Posted on June 10th, 2016

The BC government has introduced a bill that will require every public post-secondary institution to develop a sexual-misconduct policy. The legislation addresses heightened concerns about the safety of young women on campus.

Chrissy Clark announced plans to introduce such legislation after the University of British Columbia and the University of Victoria both faced complaints about how they handled allegations of sexual assault. The bill will ensure institutions are legally bound to develop policies that protect and support survivors, and in effect institute a framework for effective reporting and response. 

Kenya Rogers, Director of External Relations at the University of Victoria Students’ Society, among many other senior university administrators, came forward in support of the bill:

“The development of policy like this is going to help students feel like they’re not only safe to come forward, but that going forward and disclosing is something that’s going to result in them being supported by the institution.”

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UBC introduces new sexual assault policy for faculty, staff and students.

Read the announcement here.


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