Student Leader Launches Strong than Stigma Event at McGill University

Posted on April 4th, 2016

Student leader Ryan Golt is launching a three-day event called Stronger than Stigma at McGill University. Ryan has battled depression and is hoping to draw attention to the student struggle with mental issues, and the need for adequate supports on campus. McGill University has experienced at 35% rise in demand for mental health service since 2010, and is looking at prevention, peer support, and promoting a cultural of well-being as strategies to meet this demand. 

“Awareness is my weapon against a silent killer that lurks deep inside too many of us,” says Golt. “We need to rally together to do something about it. Not in some lab and clinical trial, but among ourselves.”

“I’m really just opening a conversation that needs to be had,” Golt said. “The day I reached out was the most important day of my life … This may be a battle that I never win, but I will be damned if it’s a battle I will lose.”

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