Student leaders gather for mental health summit

Posted on February 10th, 2017

Students from North Shore and Sea to Sky secondary schools gathered on Grouse Mountain Saturday for a summit devoted to helping youth become community leaders in mental health awareness.

More than 100 youth volunteered to attend the fifth annual Talk at the Top summit, a student-inspired and led initiative that encourages youth to open up and learn support strategies for what was described at the summit as one of the single most important health issues that exists for young people.

“I came out here pretty hesitantly because I wasn’t sure if I was comfortable in a new environment because I wasn’t even comfortable with my own struggles,” said Talk at the Top veteran and 16-year-old student leader Zohrah Khalili when describing her apprehensions about first attending the summit four years ago when she was in Grade 8. “It was pretty turbulent and rocky and stressful.”

“But then I came here and I was honestly blown away because never before had I been invited into this safe-space where people could talk about their mental health and their mental illness so comfortably and casually,” added Khalili, who is now a Grade 11 student at Carson Graham secondary.

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