Students Use Art to Discuss Mental Health

Posted on March 24th, 2015

At Stanford University, students are sharing all types of artwork to bring more attention to mental health.  

“There are 129 pages of raw, intimate and powerful expressions of the experience of both mental and physical illness in ‘Release.Restart.Review,’ a literary arts anthology created by and for Stanford University students that focuses on emotional well-being.

There are poems, visual art pieces, self-portraits, short stories, non-fiction and fiction (and some likely a blend of the two) on depression, anxiety, therapy, suicide, cancer, family, body image – all written by Stanford students, some anonymously, but not all. The anthology, which was printed this month and distributed via hard copies on campus and an eBook online, is an effort to give voice to students’ experience with these issues (and many others) on a campus where many students feel that open discussions about mental health are not part of the culture.”

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