Summit Overview

The Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses Summit 2014 – “From Vision to Action: Implementing a Systemic Approach” – took place January 23- 25th in Vancouver, BC.

The goal of Summit 2014 was to bring together a variety of post-secondary community members to respond to the call of action: How do we design post-secondary education and vibrant campuses that are conducive to- and foster- mental health and well-being, healthier relationships with substances, meaningful engagement and transformational learning? 

At our 5th annual Summit, we gathered with over 200 students, student service professionals, faculty, administrators, government and community partners to discuss mental health and substance use on campuses.


The 5th Annual Summit was a working summit where we explored and refined ideas. We sourced knowledge and experience, consulted with each other and documented what emerged. Bringing together diverse stakeholders with multiple perspectives in one space allowed us to:

  • increase understanding of opportunities, gaps and barriers;
  • improve the relevance and potential of the methods and levers identified to facilitate change;
  • strengthen the likelihood of positive impact. 

What was produced was participant-driven with the hope of developing tips, recommendations, essential elements, a charter, plans and new collaborations. 

Participants were able to:

  • Connect with people from different departments/roles and from other institutions and organizations.
  • Share actions they have taken, results they have observed, resources they have developed or found useful, challenges they are looking to tackle, opportunities they see and ideas they would like to move forward.  
  • Learn from each other and from what emerges.
  • Reflect on what captures your attention. What is the current situation at your campus/other campuses? What could be? How do you move from what-is to what-could-be?
  • Co-Create and innovate together. This is a working summit where we will explore and refine ideas. We will source knowledge and experience, consult with each other and document.
  • Inspire new links, enthusiasm and commitment for action.  

Click to view the Summit 2014 Program here.  Check out the Snapshot Report to learn more about the event. 

              Summit 2014 program photo                       Summit Snapshot Report 2014



Registration is now closed.  View the original invitation for registration and the call for student participants to join the Summit event.

        2014 summit invitation                            calling student 2014 summit photo

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