Summit Overview

In place of an annual Summit in 2015, Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses co-hosted a unique conference hosted by the University of British Columbia – Okanagan Campus.  

The 2015 International Conference on Health Promoting Universities and Colleges created a dynamic meeting place for practitioners, administrators, students, researchers and policy-makers from around the world to explore pressing issues and identify promising paths for healthy and sustainable campus development.
The conference was intended to mobilize the power and highlight the responsibilities and opportunities for institutions of higher education to :

  • develop vibrant campus communities where everyone thrives
  • provide exceptional learning opportunities
  • advance knowledge and practices that contribute to other campuses and communities locally and globally

The interactive conference design supported knowledge exchange among a diversity of people interested in the intersections of: human and environmental health and wellbeing, ecosystem sustainability, economic development, and learning and productivity on campuses and beyond. The conference included plenaries, panels, concurrent sessions, talking circles, networking, and consensus building.
A renewal process for the 2005 Edmonton Charter for Health Promoting Universities and Institutions of Higher Education enabled an update on regional and global network activity, relationship building, and the design of a new Charter that will inspire and inform future action.

Presentations from the Conference are uploaded to the official Conference website. 

Canadian Health Promoting Campuses Network


Download the new Okanagan Charter 




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Conference Themes Included:

  • Campuses as Health Promoting Settings and as Communities (whole organization/system and program/service approaches) 
  • Health and Place (wellbeing of people and environments)
  • Population Health, Community Health and Sustainability (pressing issues and determinants: students, non-students)
  • Campuses as Educational Institutions, Societal Models and Businesses (transformative academics, university/college/community collaborations, competing interests)
  • Development of Knowledge, Policy, Practice and Evaluation (traditional, innovative, indigenous, creative and critical methods) 
  • Communication Technologies, Networking and Education (opportunities and impacts)


Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 3.53.00 PM                      2015 intl conf report cover


Registration is now closed for the 2015 Conference.  An estimated 375 delegates from 34 countries around the world were able to join us for this historic conference.

countries represented



Healthy Campus Movement/ Health Promoting Universities: Networks and History

Facilitating Student Mental Health in Higher Education through a Provincial Community of Practice

UNESCO: Health Promotion Literacy in a Development Context

Promising Paths: Health Promoting Higher Education - Reflections, Challenges & Future Frontiers

The “German HPU Network” and the Role of Networks

Placing Our University Campuses in the Context of their Regional Landscapes

Successful Implementation of the Ottawa Charter Strategies in Balanga City: a Partnership of Local Government, University and Health

Case Study: Indigenous Communities and Higher Education

An International Charter for Changing Campuses that Change the World


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