CFS Encourages Support for Métis & Non-status First Nations Students

Posted on April 14th, 2016

A landmark Supreme Court Ruling in the R v. Daniels case has recognized and affirmed the federal government’s constitutional responsibilities towards Métis and non-status First Nations. These responsibilities include the delivery of social programs and services such as the Post-Secondary Student Support Program. The Canadian Federation of Students joins the nearly 600,000 Métis and non-status First Nations people celebrating this landmark decision, and calls on the federal government to immediately open the Post-Secondary Student Support Program to all Indigenous learners.

“Now more than ever the federal government must end the long-standing restrictive funding cap to the PSSSP fund in order to support all First Nations, Inuit, Métis and non-status First Nations students’ access to higher education,” said Coty Zachariah, Chairperson of the National Aboriginal Caucus.

“The exclusion of Métis and non-status First Nations people was a colonial tool used to divide our communities,” said Chasity Delorme, National Aboriginal Representative for the Canadian Federation of Students. “This ruling confirms what we have known for generations – that Indigenous people of Turtle Island are united.”  

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