The College Mental Health Crisis: Part 2

Posted on March 8th, 2017

This is the second blog post in a two-part series on college mental health in the United States. Part one discussed the alarming data on suicide. The focus of this post is general college mental health.  

You can listen to the accompanying podcast here.

In my first blog on college mental health, I began saying that college was the best time of my life. And in many ways it was.

For most of us, college was a time of liberation, of many new opportunities for work, study and play. For learning new things – for growing up. And today, there are many more options for our students than even before – certainly more than what was available to me.

But as I think back on those idyllic days of freedom and autonomy – of those wondrous first time experiences –  love, laughter, friends, and really feeling independent, I can’t help but remember the “near misses.”

We all had close calls, right? Think back on your days in college. Remember the times you saw your friend black out; or when you almost were involved in a serious car accident; or ended up in some remote, and, in retrospect, dangerous part of town and had no idea how to get back to campus?

Maybe this is why we worry about our kids in college.

But frankly, there are other reasons to worry. It’s one thing to worry about isolated, freak events. It’s another for us to appreciate that college is a very risky time for our kids. And what we don’t often think about is the incredible crisis of mental illness and emotional turmoil that most of our college students endure.

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