Fentanyl: the drug problem Vancouver isn’t dealing with

Posted on November 13th, 2016

In this article, Claire Vulliamy, delves into the “fentanyl crisis” that is pervading the media and showing up on campuses across BC. Through a series of interviews, she examines the growing problem, reports on the community responses that are providing help and investigates the root causes that are contributing to the persistence of the problem. More than anything, she contends, there needs to be a cultural change that recognizes the proximity of these overdoses and the ubiquity of fentanyl in commonly used substances. 

“[This crisis] is happening to individuals and it’s happening to our society,” said Karen Ward, a VANDU board member. “If we have any sense of justice then we need to get educated about it and step in, and that means individually learning about overdose prevention as part of basic first aid and caring for other people but it also means learning about, rethinking the role of drug use, broadly, as a social justice and as a health issue, and as a fact, a simple fact, of something that humans do. Pretending that it doesn’t exist is simply not acceptable.”

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