U of T approves policy that could place students with mental health issues on leave

Posted on July 3rd, 2018

The University of Toronto has decided to implement a policy that could place students with mental health issues on a mandatory leave of absence if the school deems it necessary.

The policy, which drew criticism from students groups and the Ontario Human Rights Commission, was approved by the university’s governing council at a meeting Wednesday evening.

Under the policy, a mandatory leave would be considered if the university’s administration becomes aware of a student who poses a risk of harm to themselves or others, and mental illness is believed to be involved.

According to the university, the policy states that a regulated health professional will be consulted as part of the consideration of a mandated leave of absence.

“The policy emphasizes that the mandated leave of absence is not to be punitive,” Sandy Welsh, the university’s vice provost for students said in a statement. “It is to be applied in rare cases, only after accommodative measures have been unsuccessful, or the student has declined those measures.”

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