University of Calgary shakes up plans as naloxone kits gather dust

Posted on October 25th, 2016

The University of Calgary has had four naxolene kits ready for use, but no students have utilized the resource.

The life-saving medication was made available on campus in response to the climbing rate of overdoses in Alberta. Since the university started holding the prescriptions, the wellness centre has done a number of educational programs, workshops and awareness campaigns to try and increase uptake.

“We want to work with residents, student spokespeople – both graduate and undergraduate students, and find out where would be the most comfortable place for them to get a kit – because it doesn’t have to be here,” said Debbie Bruckner, senior director of access and support with student wellness. “Hopefully that would increase our distribution and promote awareness.”

The university is committed to increasing accessibility by reducing stigma and eliminating all potential barriers. 

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