Why Mental Health Matters for Students

Posted on September 12th, 2016

While university is often seen as a place for young people to experience personal growth, the pressure and stress associated with academics and campus life can also send students on a downward spiral. No one know this better than Ji Youn Kim, a former student at the University of British Columbia, who dropped out of school last spring after years of struggling with mental health issues and academic related anxiety.

“Students are taking on a lot of new challenges they are learning to learn. They are having to adjust to a new lifestyle situation, potentially living on campus or living away from home, so there is a multitude of development challenges that happen at this stage,” Lyndsay Cotterall, a clinical counsellor at Simon Fraser University, tells Daily Hive. 

Ji Youn Kim’s story emphasizes the need for more robust systems of care, stronger communities and a greater awareness of mental health challenges.

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