Mentally healthy students in every post-secondary institution in BC.



As a cross institutional and province wide student leadership body, HM | HC Student Network empowers and supports post-secondary students across B.C. to cultivate system change related to campus mental health issues by facilitating the creation and exchange of knowledge across campuses as well as supporting student-led initiatives throughout the province.

How we will carry out this mission:


  • Strengthen the connection between students and their institutions.
  • Engage students in knowledge exchange, education, and collaboration.
  • Engage with research to inform initiatives.
  • Facilitate equitable access to campus mental health supports in BC.



We are individuals who…

  • Have integrity
  • Bring our own individuality while working together collaboratively
  • Are committed to our own mental health and wellbeing
  • Are culturally sensitive and inclusive
  • Are respectful
  • Are accountable

We work towards our mission…

  • To make an impact
  • To maintain credibility
  • To empower ourselves and others
  • To honour the student voice

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