Community Connection

Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses hosts a variety of in-person and virtual learning events throughout the year- including webinars, teleconference consultations, workshops, networking opportunities and our annual Summit. Participants from across British Columbia and beyond are invited to join us as we learn from other community members, invite experts to share the latest research and best practices, and generate new ideas for change on campuses together.

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The Annual Summit

The Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses Summit incorporates  “unconference” principles, which means that participants are encouraged to set the agenda, teach and learn from each other.  There is a reason we call our annual face-to-face event a summit and not a conference.  As a Community of Practice, we value participant-driven learning and opportunities to share ideas and resources; we have witnessed what can emerge from collaborative exploration and development.  Open space methodology has been a valued feature at our Summits and every year we try new, innovative things.  A planning committee ensures participants are taken care of while helping all to connect, share, learn, reflect, co-create and inspire one another. Curious to hear from Summit participants what the events are like?  Click on the videos below to hear reflections from student participants.

selkirk college student reflectionLangara College student reflection 

 Royal Roads student reflectionCapilano student reflection

Below are a few examples of how we have engaged participants in previous Summit events:

  • Share Fair – campuses display resources (e.g. strategy documents, policies, program/campaign materials, research, tools, etc), or post a question

  • Catalyst presentations

  • Panels and group dialogues  

  • Semi-structured streams for each focus area designed to support learning, exploration and content development

  • Built-in opportunities to encourage exchange of ideas between streams in order to respond to the inherent crossover between focus areas

  • Presentations by students and recent alumni highlighting their research, advocacy efforts, initiatives and ideas

  • Open space 

  • Evening coffee house, good food, positive environment, yoga, etc.

Annual Summit




Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses regularly hosts virtual learning events, where participants are invited to hear guest speakers, engage in reflective discussion, provide consultation on ongoing projects or share the innovative things that are happening on their own campuses.  The learning agenda is driven from Community of Practice members and new suggestions of webinar topics are always welcomed.  Be sure to listen to previous webinar recordings or scroll through resources that have been shared during our webinar events.




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