What We’ve Been Up To

The Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses initiative has gone through many different stages as it continues to grow and develop. For an extended overview, see our book chapter on HM|HC published in 2022. Scroll through our interactive timeline to learn more about our history and key highlights that have contributed to our vibrant community of practice.

Regional Forum

HM|HC’s first Regional Forum, “Towards a More Inclusive Campus Community Culture on Mental Health.”, is held in Victoria, BC.


8th Annual Summit

The eighth annual Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses Summit, “Building Connection At All Levels: A Socio-Ecological Approach to Well-being on Campus”, is held in Vancouver, BC.


Community Building and Nutrition Education Webinar

Community Cooking Workshops” is an initiative offered by Simon Fraser University to international students to cultivate an environment and culture that contributes to wellness. Learn how your campus community might host a similar workshop to support cultural adjustment.

HM|HC Planning Group

12 BC post-secondary campuses and several community stakeholders join the HM|HC Planning Group engagement process to consider the future of HM|HC.

Mental Health Strategies Webinar Series: Creating a Roadmap

In “Creating a Roadmap to a Campus Mental Health Strategy“, Andrew Szeto from the University of Calgary and Chris Balmer from Camosun College share practical principles that can be applied to diverse campus environments and highlight key learnings from their own campus journeys.

Why Anxiety Matters Webinar

In collaboration with AnxietyBC, “Why anxiety matters: Tools to promote healthy living” features Dr. Katherine Martinez of the Vancouver CBT Centre introducing a set of tools designed to reduce anxiety, as well as a free, evidence-based application tool to help address “in the moment” anxiety. 


Best Practices in Accommodating Addiction Webinar

Leading up to National Addictions Awareness Week, Julie Menten from Roper Greyell LLP and Tonie Beharrell from the Health Sciences Association of British Columbia discuss recent legal decisions and practical tips for anyone in a workplace environment–from employees, to unions, and campus Residence Advisors in “Accommodating Addiction.

Suicide and the Working Environment Webinar II

Back by popular demand, Dr. Kathleen Stephany from Douglas College presents “Suicide and the Working Environment” to provide individuals, organizations, and campuses with practical information on helping someone who is considering suicide.

Post-secondary Peer Support Webinar

HM|HC showcases “A guide to peer support programs on post-secondary campuses” in this webinar that takes participants through the guide step-by-step.

7th Annual Summit

The seventh annual Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses Summit, “Ideas to Action: Strategies for Systemic Changes & Measuring Impact”, is held in Vancouver, BC.


Mental Health Strategies Webinar Series: Planning for Success

In “Planning for Success through Lessons Learned: How to implement a mental health strategy“, University of Alberta facilitator Kevin Friese reviews the roadblocks and opportunities that participating campus members faced during launch and management.

Mental Health Strategies Webinar Series: Getting Started

In “Getting Started: Assessing readiness and engaging campus partners“, resident expert Jonny Morris reviews what a mental health strategy is, why it’s important, and guides participating campuses through the three essential pillars for creating and maintaining a sustainable mental health framework.

CMHA National Conference 2016: Mental Health For All

HM|HC presents a concurrent session remotely on “Facilitating Student Mental Health in Higher Education through a Provincial Community of Practice“.

Suicide and the Working Environment Webinar

In recognition of World Suicide Prevention Day, Dr. Kathleen Stephany from Douglas College presents “Suicide and the Working Environment” to provide individuals and organizations with practical information on helping someone who is considering suicide.

Appreciation Webinar for Robin Higgins

Long-time community member Robin Higgins is recognized by Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses and the mental health community.

National Campus Mental Health CoP Webinar

The final instalment looks to the future of campus mental health, featuring the University of Calgary as a case study and the shift to self-assessment.

6th Annual Summit

The sixth annual Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses Summit, “Cultivating a Campus Culture of Well-being with Intention: Aligning Policies, Practices and Core Mission”, is held in Vancouver, BC.

National Campus Mental Health: Addressing Policy Through a Well-being Lens

The second instalment focuses on an emerging topic with the National Campus Mental Health Community of Practice: addressing policy through a well-being lens. 


National Campus Mental Health Webinar Series: Guide to a Systemic Approach to Post-Secondary Student Mental Health

Hosted by CMHA and the Canadian Association of College and University Student Services, and based on the Guide to a Systemic Approach to Post-Secondary Student Mental Health, this first instalment asks campus stakeholders nationwide which common interests, concerns, or hopes for campus mental health bring us together as a community. How we can share and develop best practices, knowledge, and resources, and how do we prioritize them?


College Life: Food, Drugs & Health Webinar

Hosted by CMHA BC, CARBC, and Jessie’s Legacy Eating Disorders Prevention Program, “College Life: Food, Drugs & Health” examines the complexities that influence eating and substance use, such as academic pressures, access to food, environment, and mental health.

Promoting Healthier Residence Environments Webinar Series: Part Two

Part Two of this webinar series features Thompson River University’s “Drink with Class” initiative, which has been embraced as their philosophy in residence life: “Drinking is part of our culture. Not everyone drinks, but if you choose to drink, drink with class.”

Promoting Healthier Residence Environments Webinar Series: Part One

Part One, with Catriona Remocker, Tim Dyck, and Sarah Joosse, summarizes the residence scan conducted by the Changing the Culture of Substance Use project to inform health promotion strategies and practices in student residence life. Specifically, this series offers insight for residence service personnel on shaping their environment and improving overall campus culture around substance use.


Academic Accommodations for Students with Mental Health Disabilities Webinar

Co-hosted by the Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health, Academic Accommodations for Students with Mental Health Disabilities: Recommendations from an Ontario-wide Research Study” presents findings and recommendations from a three-year research project funded by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities that was jointly undertaken by researchers at Queen’s University and St. Lawrence College.

International Conference on Health Promoting Universities and Colleges

HM|HC co-hosts the International Conference on Health Promoting Universities and Colleges in Kelowna, BC, culminating in the Okanagan Charter.

Advocacy Strategies for Student Leaders Webinar

Two UBC student leaders highlight the role of student advocacy and student-led initiatives in catalyzing change in the post-secondary environment in “Advocacy Strategies for Student Leaders: Navigating Governance Structures and Moving Ideas into Action“.

Using Food & Dialogue to Create Connections Webinar

Selkirk College, Simon Fraser University, and Vancouver Island University explore the key ingredients to creating connections and engaging campus community members through food and dialogue in “Using Food & Dialogue to Create Connections“.

Using the Art of Motivation Webinar

Using the Art of Motivation to Create Healthier Campus Communities“, by Catriona Remocker and Sarah Joosse, shares how the art of motivation can be applied to shift culture on campuses in promoting mental health, reducing risky substance use, and strengthening communities.

Provincial Student Event

Mapping a Healthy Post-Secondary Culture: Knowledge Exchange and Strategic Planning for Provincial Group“, the first-ever provincial student event, is held in Vancouver, BC.

Social Learning & Launch Event

The Social Learning & Launch Event is held in Vancouver, BC, to connect stakeholders and change-makers across BC’s post-secondary institutions.

Changing the Culture of Substance Use Morning Session

Participating CCSU Project campus members convene with provincial stakeholders to promote healthier relationships with substances.


Low-Risk Cannabis Use on Campus Webinar

Low-Risk Cannabis Use on Campus“, by Tim Dyck and Catriona Remocker from the Centre for Addictions Research of BC (CARBC).

Learning Environments Webinar

HM|HC co-hosts “Creating Conditions for Well-being in Learning Environments” with the Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health.

Low-Risk Alcohol Use Webinar

The first in the “Low-Risk Alcohol Use: Balancing Our Thinking Around Drinking” series by the Changing the Culture of Substance Use Project.

CCSU Project Appreciative Inquiry Webinar

Appreciative inquiry as an engagement, situational assessment, and planning method: Selkirk College case study.

Student Mental Health Webinar

Post-Secondary Student Mental Health–What’s the Buzz?“, co-hosted with the Canadian Association of College and Universities Student Services (CACUSS).

5th Annual Summit

Over 200 delegates attend the fifth annual Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses Summit, “From Vision to Action: Implementing a Systemic Approach”, in Vancouver, BC.

CCSU Pre-Summit

The CCSU pre-Summit is held at the fifth annual Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses Summit, with over 50 participants from 11 institutions.

Campus Engagement

The number of Community of Practice members grows to 24 BC campuses, along with 20+ community organizations.


CCSU Collaborative Learning Events

The CCSU Project team hosts several synchronous collaborative learning events (via teleconference/webinar):

  • What does it mean to change a culture?
  • Using NCHA data to examine a culture of substance use
  • Provincial liquor legislation, regulation, and policy: Exploring campus impacts and considerations
  • Restorative justice vs. zero tolerance policies in residence
  • Project platform consultation
  • Situational assessment: Part 1
  • Situational assessment: Part 2

CCSU Phase II Campuses

In fall 2013, five Phase II campuses join the Changing the Culture of Substance Use Project.

Campus Capacity Grants Webinar Series

Campus Capacity Development Grant Projects, the first in a knowledge exchange webinar series.

Healthy Campus Communities Webinar

Hosted by Simon Fraser University, “Designing Healthy Campus Communities: Enhancing Student Well-being and Academic Success” explores opportunities to be innovative and strategic in designing healthy campus communities where all students can learn and thrive.

Interactive Video Launch

The interactive “Designing Healthy Campus Communities” video launches.

The National Guide

Post-Secondary Student Mental Health: Guide to a Systemic Approach“, a national resource, launches.

CCSU Phase I Campuses

In early 2013, six Phase I campuses join the Changing the Culture of Substance Use Project and engage in needs assessments and consultations. Campus representatives attend project launch retreat focused on capacity building, knowledge exchange, outcome planning and network development.


Suicide Prevention Webinar

Suicide Prevention On Campus: Expanding the Possibilities“, by Dr. Jennifer White.

CCSU Project Announced

The Minister of Health announces funding for the Changing the Culture of Substance Use Project during opening remarks at the 2012 Summit.

4th Annual Summit

The fourth annual Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses Summit, “Revolutionizing Campus Wellness: A Vision for Healthy Campus Communities” is held in Victoria, BC.

Building Campus Capacity

Campus Capacity Development Grants are announced to support BC post-secondary institutions in building capacity and encouraging innovation in campus mental health promotion and the reduction of risky substance use.


3rd Annual Summit

The third annual Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses Summit, “It Takes a Whole Campus”, is held at the Justice Institute of British Columbia in New Westminster, BC.


2nd Annual Summit

The second annual Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses Summit is held in Coquitlam, BC.


1st Annual Summit

The inaugural provincial Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses Summit is held in Victoria, BC.


Project Growth

Fifteen post-secondary institutions are actively engaged with the Community of Practice.

Community of Practice

The Initiative officially became a Community of Practice after a two-day workshop facilitated by Dr. Etienne Wegner on Creating Campus Communities of Practice resonated with current members and the 50+ participants.

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Additional Campuses Join

Four additional campuses joined the initiative: BC Institute of Technology, Selkirk College, Simon Fraser University, and Vancouver Community College.


Initial Campus Involvement

Four post-secondary institutions joined the “BC Campus Project”: Douglas College, Thompson Rivers University, University of Northern BC, and University of Victoria.


BC Campus Project

The “BC Campus Project” was formed with the initial phase of the Campus Project focused on relationship-building between the campuses and the BC Partners, as well as within the campus community.

Canadian Campus Survey

The 2004 Canadian Campus Survey by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health showed that 30% of undergraduate Canadian students experienced mental illness and 32% of undergraduates participated in hazardous drinking.

Mental Health Initiative

A strong need is identified in BC for an initiative that helps promote mental health on campus and reduces risky substance use.


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