Humber College adopts Okanagan Charter

Posted on October 10th, 2018

Humber plans to be the healthiest campus in the country by becoming the first public college or polytechnic in Canada to adopt the Okanagan Charter.

By signing the Charter, Humber is incorporating health into everyday operations, business practices and academic mandates to support students, staff and faculty.

“The Charter calls on higher education environments to make a commitment to health and well-being in all aspects of campus culture, from policy to practice,” says Dr. Chris Whitaker, president and CEO, Humber College. “By striving to be the healthiest campus in Canada, we want to create an environment where we are more reflective and more intentional about identifying the health and wellness needs of all members of our community.”

Whitaker adds, “we know that in order to be well, people need community, housing, secure finances, education, access to resources and healthy options, a good environment, and a sense of purpose.”

With support from Student Success and Engagement, Whitaker signed the Charter alongside Monica Khosla, president of IGNITE.

“We understand that being a student can be difficult, and as a result we have several initiatives currently underway which focus on student well-being,” says Khosla.

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