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Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses (HM|HC) is a province-wide community of practice (CoP)—a group of people in BC who share the common goal of promoting mental health and healthier relationships with alcohol and other psychoactive substances at their post-secondary institutions. We believe that well-being is everyone’s business, so our community members include students, campus services professionals, faculty, and administrators. We are interested in working with community partners who wish to come alongside and collaborate with us on initiatives tailored for appropriate implementation in our contexts.

Our initiative is driven by our CoP members and a strong focus on meaningful connections and knowledge exchange. We value local wisdom in combination with strong theory and evidence-informed practices. We encourage innovation across the full matrix of research and action—including empowering people, modifying environmental structures and conditions, and providing services and supports.

In recognition of the complex interrelated factors that influence mental health and substance use, we apply a socioecological lens that identifies multiple strategies for impact at multiple levels. With this wider lens, HM|HC has gone from an illness-directed focus on individuals, their behaviours, and addressing associated problems to a wellness-oriented focus on a community and its members, their cultural practices within particular settings, and building capacity. For a brief look along the way, see A Decade of Change. For a more recent and extended view, see our book chapter on HM|HC published in 2022.

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