Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses

We are a province-wide Community of Practice—a group of people who share the common goal of promoting campus mental health and healthier relationships with substances in BC.  We believe that well-being is everyone’s business, so our community includes students, faculty, campus professionals, administrators, government, researchers, community members and more.

Our initiative is driven by Community of Practice members and a strong focus on meaningful connections and knowledge exchange. We value local wisdom in combination with evidence-based practices and encourage innovation spanning the full continuum of action and research — from promotion and prevention to treatment and recovery.  In recognition of the complex, interrelated factors that influence mental health and substance use, we apply a socio-ecological lens that identifies multiple strategies at multiple levels.  

Learn more by viewing our Rack Card and feel free to share it with other campus or community members who you think might be interested in getting involved. For more information, view:

Our History

Our Approach

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You can also learn more about our initiative by clicking through the Prezi presentation below.