Do2GetThru video

Posted on July 18th, 2017

Do2GetThru is a project at Camosun College in Victoria, BC, that explores the culture of substance use on campus. Since Camosun College is a commuter campus, the landscape around substance use is different from that of many other post-secondary institutions with on-campus student residences. To understand this difference, the Camosun College community asked student educators to use drama and theatre techniques to raise awareness about mental health and identify key issues that might help facilitate a shift in substance use culture.

The Do2GetThru video can be used in a variety of ways as an engaging tool. At Camosun College, the video has been effective in generating thoughtful dialogue about mental health and substance use. The video was constructed in three segments:

1. the Opening Texting Sequence
2. the Party Scene
3. the End Texting Scene

We showed the video to a group of campus members and engaged them in an open, non-judgmental dialogue about their views on substance use and the culture of substance use on campus. After each segment, there is a Pause and Poll moment offered as an opportunity to stimulate thinking and open up discussion.

This video is a product of Camosun College in partnership with the Changing the Culture of Substance Use project led by CMHA BC and CARBC.

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